Tesina Never let me go

Tesina di maturità con ricerca ed analisi approfondita del romanzo Never let me go, di Ishiguro scritta in lingua inglese.

Modern utopia and dystopia in the novel “Never let me go”
by Kazuo Ishiguro

Studente: Nicolò Enrico Ragusa
Liceo Socio-psico-pedagogico
Anno Scolastico 2011-2012
Modern utopia and dystopia in the novel “Never let me go” by Kazuo Hishiguro
Introduction… pag. 03
The author: Kazuo Ishiguro…pag. 04
The novel:
2.1 The plot…pag. 05
2.2 Characters…pag. 06
2.3 Reflection upon the title…pag. 07

Utopical and dystopical elements in the novel:
The inevitable fall of the utopian motives into a dystopian world…pag. 08
“Life” of a clone…pag. 09

The slight boundary between humans and clones:
4.1 The Hailsham experiment: can clones have a soul?...pag. 11
The possibility of love among non-humans and the relief of memory…pag. 13
Conclusion…pag. 14

Imagining non-existing ideal or non-ideal worlds and places has been existing in the fantasy of humanity since it has its own civilized society with its “own world”....

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